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Ready to partner with us for you needs? We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and we are committed to being the best in the business.

We value your business so much that we hand deliver parts within a reasonable radius of our headquarters.

Don't Forget:

  • We have several multi-axis machines

  • We can run high mix low volume

  • We can run lights out 24/7

  • We can run one off prototypes 

  • We can run production at scale & on time

  • We can perform CMM Inspections

Call Us: 302-994-7444

If you need a quote or would like to contact us please complete the form below or reach out to our leadership team. 

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Our Team

CEO/President - Katerina Dodbiba, ext. 1001

Vice President - Scott Bruneau, ext. 1001
Sales - Ken Bey, ext. 1003
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